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DG Factory partners with creative individuals to support them in
the process of converting their ideas into a proof of concept in less than 3 days 


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DG Factory at a Glance

You have an idea but you don't necessarily have the time, resources or experience to bring it to the market ? DG Factory will help you convert your idea into a proof of concept in less than 3 days

All you need to do is submit your idea to our review team. Once the idea is approved we will guide you through the process that includes the inspiration phase, conceptualization and online implementation

As the idea owner you can decide whether you want to launch your idea in the market or simply sell it via our marketplace

for more info, refer to our F.A.Q below


Identifying a simple idea is not always an easy task, by participating in our workshops & webinars you will learn where to find your inspiration, how to structure your idea and especially how to communicate it efficiently.


Once you submit your idea to DG Factory this idea will be reviewed by our team that will decide whether to approve it or reject it. In case of rejection, you will receive a feedback with the right input to resubmit.


For companies & professionals that would like to participate in the development process for converting ideas into reality, we invite you to apply to join our network of partners by filling the form.


  • What kind of ideas can be submitted?

    The idea needs to be based on a digital good (service, app, software, process, script, book, design...) anything that can be created digitally. In addition the idea needs to be simple & innovative

  • Is there a risk that my idea can get stolen?

    Every member of our review team signs a confidentiality agreement not to disclose or share any information provided by the idea owners. In spite of the fact that your idea is safe with us, we recommend that when you submit your idea for the first time you only provide basic information without disclosing everything. Once your idea is approved an agreement will be signed with all the necessary terms related toconfidentiality & the remuneration model

  • How does the DG Factory process work once an idea is approved?

    Once the idea is approved by our review team, we will schedule a meeting or conference call to understand better your vision and share with you ours on how to make the best out of your idea. This includes the online platform, the corporate identity, UI/UX (user interface & user experience) as well as an overview of the strategy, marketing approach and some additional tools & tips on how to bring your idea to the market.     

  • What are the benefits of using DG Factory Network ?

    Once you join the DG Factory Community, you will be introduced to the partners of our network with whom you can discuss collaboration and more. Our role is to orchestrate & optimize the process that goes between the conceptualization of an idea to its promotion in the market and help you reach a personal objective in a collective context